Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry

Dental Laser is a portable medical device that generates a precise beam of concentrated light energy.  The precision of this light energy allows the dentist superior control during a variety of procedures and gives you a great smile.


How safe is a dental laser?

Medical lasers have been used in the fields of ophthalmology, neurosurgery, ear/nose/throat, and dermatology for decades.  It's only in the last twenty years that advances in technology have made it possible for it to be used in individual dental offices-for both adults and children.


What are the benefits?

Compared to traditional instruments and methods, the dental laser actually minimizes or eliminates the need for needles, anesthesia, scalpels, or sutures.  In most cases, pain is either virtually eliminated or significantly reduced.  Procedures are done more quickly and efficiently, so you spend less time in the chair!  With the use of dental laser, you will be able to heal faster because it eliminates bleeding and reduces tissue trauma.


How can a dental laser help you?

Here are some of the various procedures that could be done by dental laser.


Deep Cleaning

As we age, our gums are more susceptible to gingivitis and other periodontal problems.  Adding laser therapy to deep cleaning procedures offers faster, easier removal of damaged tissue with less traumatic post-operative pain and discomfort than conventional therapy.

Gum Sculpting

If you are unhappy with your smile, dental laser can sculpt your gums or lengthen your crowns for a more even and pleasant look.


Crown Preparation

The laser is used to gently separate the gum tissue away from the tooth ensuring an accurate crown impression.



Lasers provide light activation of bleaching materials for almost instantaneous results-eliminating the time and discomfort associated with other whitening methods.


Laser Dentistry is the new, easy way to give you that perfect smile you've always wanted.  Ask Dr. Lu how it can help you.

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